NBA Boss Adam Silver Puts On News Conference Clinic

The new commissioner of the NBA thrust himself into the limelight with his decision to ban the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, for life. There is wide support and some disagreement about his actions but one thing is certain, Adam Silver held a clinic on how to conduct a news conference.

Silver was succinct, framed the situation with context, referenced his supporters by name, and then announced his decision with conviction, all in less than four minutes. He appeared to be well-prepared and answered questions slowly and patiently with apparent honesty. If he didn’t know the answer, he admitted that, which is fine as long as there was follow-up with the media person who asked the question.

His non-verbal communication of swaying back and forth can improve, but his message resonated. If you or a client ever hold a news conference, take a half hour and watch this.

Lee Jenkins @SI_LeeJenkins from Sports Illustrated penned this insightful report on Silver that detailed his formative years in New York and highlighted his ability to interact with just about anyone. Jenkins wrote that prior to that news conference, Silver focused more on the message than the punishment, gathered input from colleagues prior to this media event, but in the end reflected on his life experiences and went with his gut.

Here is a full transcript of the news conference posted by USA Today, and below that, tweets, including one by Dennis Miller @DennisDMZ, with reaction. Under the tweets, there’s a video of the entire news conference. (note, there is a 15-20 second commercial prior to the video on


link that takes you to video from

Click on image to view entire news conference


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