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picture of Ron

Welcome to the Healthy Content Blog where we’ll share thoughts on content related to social media, traditional media, journalism and health care communications.  The conversation will often feature branded journalism topics with an emphasis on multiple platform delivery and sometimes we’ll just write about cool stuff in TV and media.  The opinions are my own although I’m fortunate to work with colleagues who teach me every day in my role as manager of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media #MCCSM and Mayo Clinic News Network #MayoClinicNewsNetwork at Mayo Clinic  in Rochester, MN.

Prior to joining Mayo Clinic, I was vice president, medical news at Medstar Television, Inc., in Allentown, PA, where we produced television programs for health care organizations and the media. During that time, I also taught part-time as an adjunct instructor at DeSales University, integrating  social media and story-telling into film production courses, including this student video on job interviewing skills. The students showed me how to fearlessly embrace new technology and I helped them tell stories.

In a previous life I was a news director at several television stations. At FOX 59, a start-up in Indianapolis, we produced specials like this on saving lives in tornadoes.

Our news team told bold, visual stories and within three years of launch, we achieved the third highest demographic ratings among all FOX stations and won numerous journalism awards.

I have also been a news director at TV affiliates in Milwaukee and Saginaw, Michigan.  At every station, talented reporters, anchors, videographers, editors and producers dedicated themselves to honing their craft of telling compelling stories with pictures.  Today, everyone can do that. Tools previously reserved for media journalists are now available on mobile devices and computers for a few dollars.

Before I was lucky enough to work with these media and health care professionals, I attended Indiana Universityschlepping expensive 40 pound cameras in our TV production classes. We could never have predicted this digital revolution three decades later. (Back then IU was the #1 ranked party school and tops in basketball so thinking about the future of media may not have been our priority.) 

No one can predict the future of media and health care communications in the next three months, let alone next three decades.  In the short-term however, it’s safe to say that social media, branded content and branded journalism will play an even bigger role, so we’ll do our best to discover the most interesting trends and best practices in these fields in our Healthy Content Blog.

The opinions expressed in this blog are my own. My Twitter handle is Ronald Petrovich. Twitter Logo


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